Og Xbox - Aladdin XT

Og Xbox - Aladdin XT

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This Listing is for an Aladdin XT Modchip.

These are a tried and true Modchip for the OG Xbox. 

For all Pre 1.6 consoles, I'd Softmodding and then TSOP flashing the console. 

You can find a solid TSOPing Guide Here

With 1.6 consoles however, TSOP Flashing is not an option and a modchip is required to run a custom bios. 

Sometimes a modchip is required from Pre 1.6 consoles. In the event of a hard drive failure, you will need to install a modchip in order to add a new hard drive of your choosing.

Full Aladdin install guide can be found here

Once you install the chip, I highly recommend running the latest hexen Boot Disc and flashing the latest EvoX bios file.

I'll do a full 1.6 Video guide in the near future.