N64 Basic RGB Installation Service.

N64 Basic RGB Installation Service.

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This listing is a send in service for a Basic RGB amp installation for the N64. 

I do not provide the RGB amp, you will need to send one in with your console.

You can get an amp here


These kits will only work on the following motherboard revisions





If you have a US N64, you can spot one of these revisions by checking the serial number.

If it begins with NS1 then you should be good to go. I would recommend removing the top shell and checking the silk screened lettering on the motherboard to be sure as shell swaps are no uncommon on the used market.

For Japanese and Pal consoles, check this more detailed guide for checking your serial number


If you opt to get a full Capacitor Replacement, you will need to send your cap kit in along with your console. 

I recommend getting all cap kits from Console5.


Please do not send in controllers, Av cables, power supplies, ect. I have everything needed for testing purposes here.

If you prefer to pay after the job is complete, that is totally fine. Just attach your contact info to your console along with a short note of what you want done. Send all consoles to the following address. If you purchase in advance then please include your order number with the console.


300 LONG BEACH BLVD # 20669

LONG BEACH CA 90802-2427

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!