Send In Services!

Console Modding Send In Services

The following send in services are for US residents and Include return shipping.

If you live outside the US you should look for someone locally or message me about alternative options.

If you’re interested in any of these servers, DM me or send me an email at



Unpatched Switch Trinket M0 Install - $85

This price includes the Trinket M0, just send in your unpatched switch tablet.

The trinket M0 is essentially just an internal payload injector / RCM jig and will only work on an unpatched switch. Please confirm that your switch is unpatched here!


XBOX 360 RGH Service - $85

With an RGH you can run Homebrew / Emulators / OG Xbox games / ect from your Xbox 360

Not All Xbox 360s are compatible however.

You can Identify your 360 here

Here’s the list of consoles that I work on.

Fats – Falcon and Jasper. I do not work on Xenon or Zephyr

Slim S Model – I work on all S Model Slims

Slim E Model – Must have a Manufacture date of 06-2014 or earlier

Any E Slim made 07-2014 or later IS NOT EXPLOITABLE!


PS2 Modbo Install - $75

With a modbo Ps2 you can play Games from any Region and Burned Discs Natively without having to do any patching or other shenanigans.

This is true for both Ps1 and Ps2 games.

As for Ps2s, I can work an any model of Ps2 EXCEPT FOR Early SCPH-30001 models with 10 screws on the bottom. From what I’ve gathered many chips on the market today aren’t compatible with these super early Ps2s so it’s just not worth the headache. It be better to use a more reliable model anyway like a 3700x or 5000x model.

Here’s an Image of a 10 screw Ps2. Check the bottom of the Ps2, compatible models should only have 8 screws on the bottom.





XenoGC + Custom Led install - $60

This modchip allows you to play games from any region as well as burned discs.

You can also get access to Swiss which is a great UI that can be used for launching homebrew / playing backups from an Sd card in combination with an SD2SP2 adapter.

As for the Leds, I replace the main LED as well as add leds to each of the controller ports.


Sega Dreamcast

Region Free Bios / Controller Port Mod - $60

For this mod, I swap the bios chip on the main board with one programmed to be Region Free.

It also has the slick 3d Devkit boot up animation.

For the Controller Port, I swap the Battery with a battery Holder and add a brand new Rechargeable Battery. I also replace the F1 Fuse with a self healing fuse to prevent the very common “Controller Port Not Working” issue that these have.

 DCHDMI kit install - $100

You can purchase a DCDigital kit from the following link.

Unfortunately dansprojects are consistently sold out. If you can get a legit kit from them I'd highly recommend it as it supports the creators. If you don't feel like waiting though, you can always get a kit from a third party on Aliexpress. In my experience, the bitfunx DCHDMI kits are build and work just as well as the kits sold by dansprojects.


Other Mods Not Listed

There are plenty of mods / repairs that I’m capable of doing that aren’t listed here and priced out for example

  • HDMI kit installs
  • Capacitor Replacements
  • RGB Mods
  • Handheld Backlight / Screen Swap Mods


If there’s something you’re looking to get done but don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, reach out to me and we’ll work something out!

Much thanks, Much Love