Dreamcast - Japancake Region Free Bios Chip 5v + 3.3V for VA0 VA1 VA2
Dreamcast - Japancake Region Free Bios Chip 5v + 3.3V for VA0 VA1 VA2

Dreamcast - Japancake Region Free Bios Chip 5v + 3.3V for VA0 VA1 VA2

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This listing for a Region free Bios chip for the Sega Dreamcast!

I carry both 5v chips For VA0 Consoles and 3.3v chips for VA1 and VA2 consoles.

All of these chips are programmed with the Devkit version of the Japancake bios files.

The Devkit variant features the lovely Katana devkit 3d boot animation which can be seen here.

Japancake also has a ton of other neat features like Disabling VMU save file protections as well as Disabling VGA cable check. 

Full list of features at the bottom of the page.

For installation, You can use the following thread on MMMonkey

I've done a video as well for VA1 consoles here

Bios Chips come with AWG30 Hookup Wire

Full list of Japancake Features

  • Checking of J/U/E region flags disabled (as in Link83's BIOS)
  • Choice of normal intro or devkit intro (as in Link83's BIOS)
  • Disable of VGA cable check, meaning games that support the VGA cable but don't have the VGA flag set in their IP.BIN will now boot without an error message and won't require you to plug/unplug cables
  • No bootfile LBA checks for GD-ROMs; this allows easier editing/shrinking of GDI files for people with GDEMU hardware
  • Displays bootROM version on the top right corner of the screen so that you know which version of the BIOS you're running
  • SEGA license screen skip; once the intro is finished displaying, the IP.BIN bootstrap code is executed silently without having to wait for the Sega license screen to display for 6 seconds before the game starts. Unfortunately, this breaks compatibility with bleem! until japanese-cake can fix it in a later build.
  • No reset for MIL-CD boot; normally when inserting and launching a MIL-CD disc from the BIOS menu the system resets and displays the intro all over again; now it boots directly to game just like with GD-ROMs
  • Disable VMU file protection; games that set no-copy flags on their game saves can be copied to other VMUs right from the BIOS now without third party utilities
  • Fade-to-black upon boot; normally when launching a GD-ROM from the BIOS the Dreamcast fades to a white screen then cuts to black, now the game just fades straight to black